Get inspired, unwind and set an intention. 
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Having practiced yoga for more than half my life and completed the 200-Hour Teacher Training at Midtown Athletic Club, I now teach yoga regularly. I was inspired by my mentors Aimee Senise Conners, Mary Aman and Randi Lattimore as they taught me how to teach others with enthusiasm, grace and compassion. In order for my students to feel empowered, positive, strong and relaxed, I incorporate a theme for each class to hone in on these aspects. My classes are a welcoming environment for students at any level. I look forward to teaching you and helping you grow in your practice.


Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance

Private Events/sessions

Beginning with a centering meditation, we’ll explore breath and body awareness and build strength and flexibility through flowing yoga sequences. I strive to help students feel empowered and positive by incorporating a theme for each practice based on what students need to hone their unique strengths and relax. My enthusiasm and compassion create a welcoming environment for all students where they can learn and grow. Practice concludes with Reiki, an ancient healing system through which life force energies are healed and subtle energies in the body are balanced. 

"Meg Burton Tudman has wonderful energy. She is upbeat, enthusiastic, supportive, encouraging and genuinely cares about you and your practice. She truly believes in what she does. I recently attended a yoga class of hers and felt great for days afterwards. I can not wait to return. I loved the stretches in her class and the individual support she provided. She also started class with an incredibly inspiring quote that has redirected my thoughts and helped me to conduct my business and personal life with a more positive, proactive and courageous tone. Work with Meg, it will change your life for the better."

Marye Lobb, student

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Corporate Yoga

As insurance rates continue to increase, organizations are turning to wellness programs that strive to keep employees healthy.  My goal is to help improve and maintain your team's wellness through health coaching and yoga.  With these offerings, your employees will develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for them and implement lasting changes that will improve their energy, balance and health.

Corporate Yoga

A weekly yoga class during the lunch break or at the end of the workday helps employees to recharge and reduce stress, which positively impacts their productivity.  Classes accommodate all skill levels and modifications are provided.     

Corporate Health Coaching

Custom seminars on topics such as achieving optimal weight, reducing food cravings, improving sleep, and maximizing energy equip employees with resources to support their health goals.  Individual and small-group coaching provide an opportunity for employees to receive support and strategies to achieve their specific health goals. 

"I spoke with many of the regular class participants and the overwhelming description was 'fantastic!'  So many of the people in the class had some reservations about their level of ability and they said that Meg was very attentive to their range of yoga experience.  One of the attendees has experienced multiple yoga instructors and described Meg as 'the best' and 'a natural.'  Her positive energy is apparent in both her instruction and her business interactions.  We would highly recommend Meg.  She has a great combination of being polished and very approachable."

Brenda Estey, Senior Associate Executive Director, Ontario ARC

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