Confident in Your Own Skin

90-days to spark empowerment, energy and confidence in your self-image

A typical day leaves you so exhausted that you have cookies and ice cream for dinner and then feel guilty for not preparing a healthy meal.  The next morning you try on 17 outfits because nothing fits and you feel uncomfortable in your own skin.  You race to work and spend the day with a loop of past events on repeat in your head that cause you to feel overwhelmed with negative energy.  As you leave work for the day, you realize there is still more for you to do with your family, your pets and your home and you can’t even think about caring for yourself.  You know you should exercise (especially after last night’s dinner and this morning’s wardrobe fiasco) but it feels like life is happening to you and you just don’t have time.  You feel defeated at the end of the day because you’ve tried everything and nothing is working -- you still feel crappy/tired/stressed/fat/[insert negative adjective of the day here.] 

IMAGINE you wake up feeling rested and have time for a morning routine that aligns you for the day.  You eat a healthy breakfast and enjoy a yoga class or run before you start your workday.  Your energy and positive mindset make your day enjoyable and you’re able to recognize any stress triggers that pop up and consciously respond before they take over your world.  You eat a lunch that fuels you and you breeze past that previous 3pm slump.  You arrive home and savor a nutritious meal with your loved ones.  As you look back on your day you realize with a smile that you feel genuinely good in your own skin and authentically you




I feel you and I've been there too!  For way too long, I was exhausted, seriously stressed and so bloated my friend used to put her hands on my belly and say “make it kick.” I lived for other people and focused on what they wanted and what they thought, rather than about what I wanted and needed.  I was also my own worst enemy, critical of every move and always trying to be perfect.  As a result, my health and well-being suffered and I experienced headaches, fatigue, bloating, depression and sugar cravings (Airheads and Starburst Jellybeans to be exact.)  I didn't think I had the strength or right to do anything differently and my self-talk kept me stuck in this awful pattern.

WHAT IF you had a knowledgeable adviser who could provide guidance as you set intentions and created new habits that improved your health and well-being?  What if you had someone on your team who could provide non-judgmental support and hold you accountable for your desired transformation?

I am confident that your mindset and nutrition are the keys to living your best and most authentic life.  Through coaching and Reiki (conscious healing energy), I strive to help you recognize your self-worth by radically improving your stress response and decreasing your self-sabotage with manageable changes.  Together, we will explore concerns specific to you and your body and discover the unique tools YOU need for energy, empowerment and a lifetime of consistent confidence in your own skin.




I'll teach you the same techniques I used to transform my life from stress and self-sabotage to empowerment and authenticity, I never imagined I would feel this incredible. Even better, the feeling is sustainable! I'll also include Reiki sessions to help you continue to break through mental barriers.     

After your initial 75-minute deep dive session, we'll focus on that committee in your mind that can derail you and sabotage your self-image. During your coaching sessions, we'll also explore how your self-talk and all-or-nothing mentality create limits for your success and experiment with shifts that empower you to live authentically and be comfortable with you. We’ll focus on your priorities and integrate self-care and fun into your routine. We'll also experiment to find new mindset and nutrition habits that work for you to stay balanced, anchored and focused.

In between sessions I know you'll be taking inspired actions and making conscious choices. Sometimes despite our best efforts we still have stagnant energy that keeps us from feeling our best, so I'll provide distance Reiki to help you unblock energy, release stuck emotions and relax. Through coaching, healing energy and your awesome efforts, you'll be unstoppable in your transformation to confidence in your own skin!     

What we'll cover together:

  • Deep rooted beliefs that create current habits and how to reframe them

  • Triggers for stress and how to respond more positively to them

  • How to listen to your body to eat and exercise in ways that positively serve you

  • Identification of inherent strengths and how to use them to stay consistently on track

  • Areas that are out of balance and ways to realign all parts of your life

  • How to prioritize and trust yourself and still meet all of your other obligations

  • Recognition of energy leaks and how to protect your energy


Discover the tools that work best for you to feel confident and achieve your goals, so you're no longer distracted by shiny and new quick fixes


What's Included in confident in your own skin:

12 sessions over 90-days:

  • 1 x 75-minute deep dive session via online video chat to review your health history, current habits and hurdles, establish intentions and focus positive

  • 8 x 45-minute 1:1 coaching sessions via online video chat (3 times a month)

  • 3 x 15-minute 1:1 Reiki sessions via online video chat (once a month)

Plus you'll also receive:

  • Email support in between sessions for accountability, questions, virtual hugs and high-fives. You’re not alone!

  • Lots of resources to help you transform such as handouts, worksheets, recommended reading and recipe and exercise resources.

Investment: $2,500 USD*
*Payment plan available upon consultation

At the end of 90 Days you will experience
an internal and external transformation

  • Internally, you'll confidently:

    • manage effects of other people's energy on you

    • improve your relationships

    • trust yourself and your decisions

    • engage in positive self-talk and lessen the chatter

    • stress less and stop overthinking

    • feel authentic

  • Externally, you'll confidently:

    • maintain high physical energy

    • improve your sleep

    • manage your cravings

    • wear clothes you feel awesome in

    • resolve health and weight concerns

    • feel healthy

and best of all finally be confident in your own skin!


Interested in working together to transform? 

Book your free 45-minute discovery session today! We'll chat about you, your intentions and desired results and your habits and blocks. If we both determine we're a good fit, we'll also chat about your next steps in my program. 


Why work with me:

As your coach, I'll hold a safe and sacred space for your growth and transformation. The work you'll do may be hard at times, so it's important to have non-judgmental support. I'll also provide that same loving support to hold you accountable, especially if you start to veer off track. 

As your Reiki healer, I'll provide healing energy to help you release remaining blocks that you might not even be consciously aware of.  That release also empowers you to let go of what no longer serves you. 

As a yoga instructor, I value the connection between your mind and body and will help you discover choices that allow you to peel away layers you’ve built up mentally, physically and emotionally.

From my heart to yours, I've practiced (and continue to practice) all the strategies and tools in my program, transforming my life completely.  I welcome the opportunity to support you on your journey to your most authentic and empowered self.


Client Love:

Jenn H Testimonial for Meg Burton Tudman

“I would recommend Meg to anyone! Meg was amazing at knowing how to support and encourage me, as well as gently challenge my self-sabotaging barriers. She helped me set reasonable goals and graciously reminded me to be easier on myself, which made all the difference through this process. The biggest change that occurred through working with Meg was taking leaps of faith and believing in myself during a time of major life changes and challenges. Meg taught me give myself a break from ‘shoulds’ and believe in the process because I am strong enough and deserving enough to have good things happen to me. I now allow myself to make changes at my own pace and listen to what my body, mind and spirit need.” -Jenn Howe, client


"I recommend Meg to anyone looking to work with a supportive, kind, encouraging, and knowledgeable health coach. She is a great listener and asks thoughtful questions to help you reflect. Meg makes you feel comfortable through her wonderful kindness and you can be your true self around her without fear of judgment. In addition to being responsive and professional she has also has so much positivity, great vibes, and a wonderful spirit, which would make me really look forward to our sessions." -Val, client

Karyn H Testimonial for Meg Burton Tudman

"Meg is a breath of fresh air and such a refreshing part of my life! I am so thankful for her and the connection we have made. Meg has a kind, loving and supportive way of helping with one’s mindset and navigating life changes with a new mindset. I feel like I have known her forever and it has only been 5 months since I started with her. The progress I have made over the past 5 months has been truly wonderful and I am grateful for all of it. I enjoy having someone to help hold me accountable and to work through issues with. Meg has a gentle way about her and how she communicates.  She gives you the tools and support needed to help you work through changing your mindset and finding your authentic self again. She makes me feel so comfortable and this helps me to open up to allow for the changes to take place. With her help, I learned how to feel more myself and how to live with intention of being my true self. I do things for me by filling my own cup first to be able to help others. I would recommend Meg in a heartbeat because my life has drastically changed for the better with her help!" -Karyn Hollenbeck, client


"Meg is a fabulous partner in creating the healthy lifestyle you want. I knew how I wanted to feel before we started, but I didn’t understand why I felt so crummy most days. Meg was able to gently present several possibilities why as well as practical changes that might help get me where I wanted to be. I loved that it was an experiment and if it didn’t work, I knew Meg would have more ideas. In the end, we found many, small, easy changes and I feel great – just what I wanted." -Shannon Simmons, client

Vanessa S Testimonial for Meg Burton Tudman


"My experience working with Meg was truly remarkable. Our first Reiki session was amazing. She helped me to open up to see and honour what my body needed. With insight and gentleness, she encouraged me to care for myself and allow space for healing to occur. I would definitely recommend Meg to anyone needing support on an integrated body, mind and spirit level." -Vanessa Sorenson, client

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  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

  • Reiki Master, Usui Reiki Method of Natural Healing, Levels I, II and III

  • Associative Awareness Technique, Level I

  • RYT-200, Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance