Get to Joy First

I am so grateful to my friend Marye Lobb for this inspiring conversation! Marye is a super talented musician and creator of Song Detox and we chatted about the awesome power of music. Our conversation focused on the importance of self-love and how to be honest with yourself all through the lens of music as a form of service. Learn how to be more creative as Marye shares her routine for getting out of her head and meeting herself where she is in that moment. This is so helpful for the creative process and also for a standard morning routine: move your body, meditate, repeat positive affirmations and journal what’s on your mind. I love Marye’s suggestion to be open to whatever comes up for you and to strive to find peace with what you’re feeling as a means of processing.

One of my favorite parts of our conversation is Marye’s priority for herself and her students and clients to get to joy as soon as possible, to zero in on what makes you feel alive first. Join Marye and I and start to honor music as a human right and as a way to listen to yourself and to cultivate joy! 

Click here to learn more about Marye, listen to her music and check out her NYC and Rochester, NY concert dates!


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