Go Love Yourself

It has been such a pleasure to partner with Go Love Yourself as a featured coach this month! Go Love Yourself is a subscription box for thoughtful, reflective, self-awareness seeking women and being part of this remarkable community of women has been empowering and inspiring. (So much more than a traditional monthly subscription box!) This month’s theme is mindfulness and we read The Mindful Day by Laurie J. Cameron, a book about practical ways to find focus, calm and joy from morning to evening.
In the spirit of self-care and living authentically, here are five quotes from the book that really resonated with me. (I highlighted a lot of this book, so these are five randomly selected parts that stood out today as I skimmed it again!)
“Mindfulness is a superpower that allows you to deliberately direct the beam of your attention instead of being tossed around by racing thoughts and turbulent emotions; to choose your mindset; and to shift how you relate to your experience, so that you have less stress and more joy.”
If there was any doubt in my mind about the power of mindfulness, that sentence put it to rest! Consider how much competes for our attention, sometimes it feels like we’re bombarded all day with things and people that need or want our focus. At the same time though, we each have the incredible power to choose what and who we focus on. Being diligent about where we choose to expend energy has a major impact on our levels of stress and joy.
“We are each living examples of what we care about. And like a pebble that hits a pond, we also leave ripples in our wake by our words, tone and behaviors.”
All of our actions (no matter how seemingly big or small) add up to create our reality. Consider what you really care about and how you want to live. Each decision can get you closer to what you’re seeking and positively impact you and the people around you. We always have a choice and we can consciously make choices and take inspired actions that are in line with what we care about.
 “Tuning in to natural sounds is an immediate way to ground yourself.”
When we pause and listen to the sounds around us, we give ourselves the chance to get out of our heads. I’ve been opening my window or stepping outside when my thoughts start to race and this is working really well to give me a moment (or many) of peace. Give your mind something else to focus on, listening to natural sounds is a great mindset reset.
“Body signals are your own “check engine” light,” drawing your attention and giving you important information that enables you to regulate and adapt.”
Our bodies always tell the truth - it’s our indicator for what’s working and what isn’t. When we take a few deep breaths and listen to our body, we’re given invaluable cues that allow us to respond in a way that serves us well. Our bodies respond physically when emotions arise and noticing those physical changes is sometimes easier and quicker than noticing the emotional changes. Once we notice a shift, we can then process and respond to both the physical and emotional shifts starting with recognizing and naming what is happening in that moment.
“It’s too easy to develop a fixed view of who a loved one is, and time often narrows this perspective. We cling to our beliefs because as humans, we like certainty; it’s part of the brain’s design that helps us conserve energy. But without updating our mental images, we miss how a loved one grows, how interests shift and how personalities evolve.”
This applies to loved ones, to ourselves and frankly to everyone else. We are all allowed to change, over and over and over. Mindfulness values impermanence, nothing is forever and people and things are constantly changing. Giving ourselves permission to keep our perspective fresh and rooted in each present moment (rather than the past or future) is so powerful as we develop self-love, truly connect with others and lead with compassion.
As always, I’d love to hear from you! If you’ve read this book, what resonated with you? If you haven’t, what are your intentions around being present in each moment and how are things working for you?