Quantum Wellness Journey

My heart is so full from my conversation with my remarkable friend, Elizabeth Shores! I’ve always been inspired by Elizabeth, her non-profit Untapped Shores and her decision to create a reverse retirement lifestyle. I had chills and tears in my eyes when I re-watched our conversation, there is such powerful content here! We chat about how to live lighter and our favorite cheap, easy and portable self-care techniques. I absolutely love Elizabeth’s explanations of lucid dreaming as a means to manifest your ideal life and self-determination theory as a means to cultivate happiness. Join Elizabeth and me and start your quantum wellness journey today, it’s within your reach! 

Click here to watch. 

Learn more about Untapped Shores and the awesome work they're doing to equip entrepreneurial women and orphans in developing countries and disaster relief zones with enabling technologies that markedly improve the community's quality of life while creating a sustainable income for themselves and their families.