Better Out Than In

Happy Wednesday, this is the perfect opportunity to reset your mindset! Watch here or read below. . .
I invite you to express what you’re feeling and experiencing in a way that is positive and harmless. Whether it’s a good cry or a deep belly laugh, screaming into a pillow or singing karaoke in your car, journaling or talking with someone you trust, or quiet self-care or celebrating with friends. Experiment and find what works for you to process, feel and express the emotions you’re experiencing in a way that serves you positively.
When we hold perceived positive emotions inside, we miss out on the incredibly awesome life we’re creating for ourselves. And when we hold perceived negative emotions inside, we feel sick or stuck. We deserve to experience all that joy and goodness, so give yourself permission to express it. I know I don’t want to miss any of the good stuff! I also know that if I hold onto those less feel-good emotions, I’m likely to feel like I’m going to snap and that causes even more sadness, anger, anxiety or whatever I was initially experiencing. Reset your mindset as you practice recognizing what you’re feeling and then positively expressing it in order to fully experience it and move forward.

Let it all out, it's so much better out than in!