Everything You Want Is Already There

I love chatting with my favorite people and am grateful to be able to share their awesome messages with you! My interview with Randi Lattimore, the outstanding National Mind/Body Director at Midtown Athletic Club, was SO FUN that I couldn't wait to send it to you! Check it out and learn how to feel more confident in your own skin. We chat about morning routines, getting rid of self-judgment and being grateful for the littlest things. I love Randi's suggestion to know what makes you feel happy (and to do it!) in order to shift the conversation with yourself and others and to release the burden of everyday life and feelings of not being good enough. Also, her "so fun Randi" story still makes me smile. 

For upstate NY friends, join Randi in September for Yoga Jam with DJ Naps; later in the fall for Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training with Aimee Conners and in April for Yoga Retreat in Antigua with Karyn Lederman. Check out the Midtown Yogis Facebook Group for all the details.

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