What Do You Want the World to Know?

I had the privilege of interviewing by my awesomely talented friend and communications coach, Andrea Holland for my YouTube channel! Andrea is outstanding in her field and I love her approach to finding your voice and its connection to internal confidence.
In this video we chatted about empowered communication and authentic connection as a means to feeling confident in your own skin. One of my favorite parts is Andrea's suggestion to give yourself space and put thought into how you convey with the world what you want it to know. She explains that the pause or space you give yourself enables you to take intentional ownership of yourself, to gently challenge yourself, to have room to be authentic and to recognize that you've got this. WOW! I'm still so jazzed and we chatted hours ago!

If you’re looking for support to find your voice and put clarity, strategy and technique behind the way you do business, and present yourself and your ideas, then check out Andrea's website and learn more about her and the fantastic work she’s doing, including the DIY Video Series.
PS: If you’re struggling with feeling internally confident, then I’d love for you to join me for Authentically Unstuck. I developed this custom 1:1 coaching program to help you reset your mindset and create lasting balance, so your inner world matches your outer one.