Imagine Yourself

Imagine yourself in each of these two scenarios:

1.     A typical day leaves you so exhausted that you have cookies and ice cream for dinner and then feel guilty for not preparing a healthy meal. The next morning you try on 17 outfits because nothing fits and you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. You race to work and spend the day with a loop of past events on repeat in your head that cause you to feel overwhelmed with negative energy. As you leave work for the day, you realize there is still more for you to do with your family, your pets and your home and you can’t even think about caring for yourself. You know you should exercise (especially after last night’s dinner and this morning’s wardrobe fiasco) but it feels like life is happening to you and you just don’t have time. You feel defeated at the end of the day because you’ve tried everything and nothing is working -- you still feel crappy/tired/stressed/fat/[insert negative adjective of the day here.] 

2.     Now, imagine this, you wake up feeling rested and have time for a morning routine that aligns you for the day. You eat a healthy breakfast and enjoy a yoga class or run before you start your workday. Your energy and positive mindset make your day enjoyable and you’re able to recognize any stress triggers that pop up and consciously respond before they take over your world. You eat a lunch that fuels you and you breeze past that previous 3pm slump. You arrive home and savor a nutritious meal with your loved ones. As you look back on your day you realize with a smile that you feel genuinely good in your own skin and authentically you. 

I’ve been both of those women and the second scenario is what my coaching clients and I have experienced with mindset and nutrition shifts! The differences between the two scenarios come down to choices made around mindset and nutrition, and the effect of those decisions on feeling confident in your own skin is far reaching. (One quick note, the woman in the second scenario has just as many responsibilities and no more help than the woman in the first scenario. This second woman has taken control over her mindset and actions.) What I really love about mindset and nutrition shifts is that they can happen at any time and it doesn’t matter what happened before. We can make the choice at any moment to consciously act in a way that will support our best selves. Those conscious actions set us up for awesome success with internal confidence.

We have so much more power than we give ourselves credit for. The ability to feel confident in our own skin, to create a reality that reflects our dreams and to actually enjoy that world is all within us. What brings it to sustainable fruition is our dedication to making choices that serve us in the best way. We make choices all day long and those choices create our realities. When we remind ourselves to focus on the positive and when we fuel our bodies with real food, we’re setting ourselves up for success both internally and externally. The good news is that there’s not a complex, magic formula to feeling confident in your own skin. It’s the choices you make breath by breath and moment by moment that allow you to thrive and feel like your whole, authentic self. Those choices build upon themselves and allow you to eventually create habits that support your confident self-image.     

I invite you to empower yourself and experiment with these new actions to reset your mindset and refuel your nutrition. Join me and start to feel confident in your own skin today!

1.     Uplevel Your Vibration. Identify the events or times during your day that tend to derail you. Now consider how you would like to feel during those times and enter recurring reminders in your phone. For instance, when your alarm goes off in the morning, your reminder might be “I am grateful for this new day” or “I am energized and excited for what this day brings.” When you meet with your team your reminder might be “I am joyful” or “I am inspired.” When you leave the office it might be “I am proud of what I achieved today” or “I am relaxed.” Set up as many reminders as you need to keep yourself in a positive frame of mind, to remind yourself of what’s important to you and to cultivate the high vibration of those desired feelings. Learn more about this strategy in my YouTube interview Increase Confidence with Joy and Awareness.  

2.     Upgrade Your Snacks. Swap your vending machine candy bar or bag of chips for something whole and real. If you’re hungry between meals, then absolutely have a healthy snack. Your body needs fuel to get through the day and the better the fuel, the better you’ll feel and perform inside and out. Some of my favorite snacks are apple slices and nut butter, raw almonds and fresh berries, carrots and hummus and frozen grapes. If you’re craving something sweet, eat a piece of fruit and be sure you’re drinking enough water. As I mentioned last month, half your body weight in ounces a day is ideal for most people. Another option for sweets is a small piece of dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa (more is better) or a few cocoa dusted almonds (not chocolate covered, just cocoa dusted.)

One choice at a time, treat your mind and your body well. You’re worth the effort! Let go of the choices you’ve made until now and start fresh with these two conscious actions, honor yourself and remind yourself to vibrate higher and fuel your body with premium snacks.     

Column featured in Rochester Woman Online, click for full issue.