Do You Like You? Part II

Do you think you deserve the things you desire?
Are you willing to change?
Do you do things that make you feel good?
I recently wrote about Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life (Do You Like You, Part I) and promised to return once I finished her book. I’m reading it a second time and am almost finished, it’s as powerful and game changing the second time as it was the first! I’ve been exploring those questions above based on this book.
I invite you to consider the things you desire. Get crystal clear and really specific with what you desire and why. A big part of Hay’s book is mirror work, so look in the mirror (or into your phone with the camera facing you) and say out loud “I deserve to have or be ___________, and I lovingly allow myself to accept it now.” Repeat that statement a few times and tune in. Notice how you feel, what thoughts arise and how you react to that statement. If we don’t believe we deserve our deepest desires, then it’s unlikely those desires will ever be realized.
I’ve done mirror work before and often I feel a disconnect, as if I’m looking at someone else, rather than at myself. That’s a form of resistance, an unwillingness to change or accept what I’m telling my reflection. When we consider transformation or change, fear and procrastination can get really strong. There’s a comfort in what we know and how we’ve always done things, even when our life isn’t what we want. True willingness to change sets us up for success and helps our new habits to stick.
As you consider the things you desire and your willingness to change to get those things, it’s helpful to also notice the actions you’re already taking. Thoughts that make us feel happy, people who bring out the best in us, actions that enable us to feel good and even foods that allow our bodies to work well, are all extremely important as we embark on transformation. Prioritizing what feels good is a form of self-love and self-respect, without it change can feel awful and we all know it’s an uphill battle to stick with something that feels hard and miserable.
Here are some of the affirmations I’ve recommitted to after reading this book:
I love and accept you exactly as you are.
I am willing to change.
I am willing to release all resistance.
I approve of myself.
I am worthy of the very best in life and I now lovingly allow myself to accept it.
Your turn! I encourage you to give some thought to the things you believe are wrong with you or the things you want to change. Use that list as an opportunity to create new, positive beliefs or affirmations. Write your new, positive list and then repeat it out loud in front of a mirror daily. Keep in touch, I’d love to know how this works for you.
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