Get Out of Your Own Way

As I sat down to write this I realized that I felt a lot better than I had in weeks – more positive, physically healthier and quite content in the best way. As someone who’s always looking to capitalize on feeling good, I wondered why I felt differently today. Upon reflection, a few things came to mind: I drank a lot of water earlier, I worked out with weights and good music, I honored a boundary around my time, I sent love to a couple people who needed some extra good vibes and I spent some time outside with my dog. None of these are earth shattering actions, in fact many of them I do pretty regularly. The key on this day was I also got out of my own way in order to do all of these things.

For much of my life I was my own worst enemy, full of self-criticism and anger about what I didn’t think was fair. Like many of you, I know much of what I need to do to feel my best. The challenge lies in getting out of my own way, dropping the excuses, noticing the resistance and moving past it. I was on the receiving end of a healing session recently and my resistance came up big time! My practitioner asked me something (I actually can’t even remember what the question was) and I gave a canned answer (one that’s worked on other people) and she laughed and simply said “no.” I was a bit shocked and when I recovered I realized she wasn’t going to let me off the hook.

What came out of my mouth next were the deepest rooted, uncensored fears that I rarely even admit to myself, much less to someone else. Fear of not being perfect, fear of rejection and fear of failure. My story around each of those fears compelled me to play small and was an excuse for years to do what I thought people expected rather than what my heart knew was right for me. With those stories, I created a reality where I couldn’t get out of my own way!

I invite you to get out of your own way. This is a process and may not happen overnight, however you are worth the effort and the feelings of bliss, empowerment and freedom are right on the other side.

Here are some things to consider as you rewrite your story and get out of your own way:

  • Notice what and where you resist. (In other words, what feelings come up when you think about changing a habit or behavior? How can you process and resolve those feelings?)
  • Tune into the story you tell yourself about yourself. (What are your beliefs about yourself? Are those beliefs accurate? Are they even your beliefs and are they serving you in a positive way?)
  • Who are you and how do you honor that definition? (Not your canned answer or what you’d put on a form. At your core how do you define yourself and how can you live that truth?)
  • What is working for you and how can you enhance that?


PS: If you’d like support to curb self-sabotage and self-criticism in order to write your new story and live your healthiest and most authentic life, then I’d love to be part of your team. Let’s chat about what you need to make your dream life your reality. Click here to schedule your free discovery session.