Beyonce and Beethoven

I am always open to quick fixes to reset and lately music has been working really well for me to feel good and release thoughts that no longer serve me.

Music is such a powerful tool that we have easily at our disposal and can help us to completely flip things around mentally, emotionally and physically. My taste in music is pretty eclectic, I enjoy everything from Beyoncé to Beethoven. I especially like Beyoncé when I’m looking for high vibes and high energy, though I could happily listen to her anytime. When I want to feel more calm and focused, Beethoven is a better fit.  
I found it helpful to create a few different playlists that I have ready to go when I need a reset. I invite you to notice the moods or feelings that you often feel stuck in and then consider what song or artist would help lift you out of that mood. I’ve created playlists that I enjoy singing out loud with, playlists to help relieve stress and playlists with songs that put a smile on my face. One Beyoncé song at full blast in my car and I’m back on track!

Along with playlists for moods, I like playlists for specific activities. Set yourself up for success and use music to help you enjoy different events. For instance, a playlist that energizes you during a long car drive, music that soothes you for your meditation practice and songs that allow you to focus at work.

As always, I’d love to hear from you. Which artists or songs help you feel your best? Do you notice a correlation between the music you listen to and your mood?


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