It's None of Your Business

I did two things recently that pushed me way outside my comfort zone and into a place where my fear was amped up big time. Since I was young, I have feared judgment from others and while I’ve come a long way and remind myself daily that what others think of me is none of my business, sometimes that fear creeps back in. I pushed past that resistance and allowed myself to be authentic and vulnerable and shared my story live with a much larger audience. (Quite different than one on one with a client or a friend.)
While I was nervous and uncomfortable at first, I happily realized afterwards that there are people who benefit from my truth. One of the most important people to benefit was actually me, empowering myself to be honest and visible was an amazing experience and one I’d love for you to have too.
I invite you to “feel the fear and do it anyway.” Give yourself permission to step outside your comfort zone in order to transform. Shine brightly, lead with your heart and share your truth. There is such freedom in being authentic and vulnerable, even though our hearts may pound fiercely before we take that first step and even though our voice may shake a little (or a lot.) When we do it anyway, we are so empowered that we can’t help but feel stronger and more confident.
As for the fear of judgment or rejection or criticism or anything else you’re resisting and afraid of, consider this, it is safe for us to be visible in our businesses and in our daily lives and what others think of us is truly none of our business. The actions of the people who judge, reject or criticize will always be more a reflection of them than of you. And let’s be honest, the people who aren’t comfortable with your truth and who tear you down aren’t the people who matter and they certainly aren’t the people you want to spend time with. There are salt of the earth people waiting to hear your story, to support you when you’re down and to celebrate you when you’re up. One breath at a time, I encourage you to step up and out and tell your truth in order to help those who need to hear your story and in order to prove to yourself that you’re more capable than you ever dreamed.

PS: If you'd like someone in your corner to support and cheer as you transform, then please check out Reset, Refuel & Rebalance. I'd love to be part of your journey to authenticity and empowerment! Let's do this, you matter and the world needs you and your truth!