Take 5 (or even 15)

This is the best thing I’ve found to relieve low back pain, reset the spine and of course relax. A while ago I was struggling with horrible low back pain, the kind that grips you and makes you feel like you're a hundred years old. My chiropractor/kinesiologist recommended this restorative exercise and it has been such a positive game changer. I find now that my body craves this pose and there’s a pretty quick release physically, as well as mentally and emotionally when I lie down.

I recommend at least five minutes daily, as many as fifteen will serve you well. I’ve practiced this pose daily for a couple of years and it keeps my low back feeling good, while I can skip a day here or there, any more than that and I remember why I do the pose in the first place!

How to:

  1. Lie on the floor with cushion (rug, blankets, yoga mat) under your back and support (pillow or folded blanket) under your head
  2. Legs at 90 degrees at hips and knees with calves resting on a piece of furniture (find a piece of furniture that allows you to create right angles at your knees, you could use yoga blocks and bolsters in place of furniture)
  3. Hips are as close to the piece of furniture as possible
  4. Bottoms of feet are together with knees wide
  5. Arms relaxed at your sides with palms up or extended from your shoulders with palms up
  6. Breathe deeply and stay for five to fifteen minutes

A few additions that may enhance your experience:

  • Heating pad under your back to help relax
  • Weighted blanket over your body to help release  anxiety
  • Diffuse essential oils to let go of tension
  • Salt lamp to cleanse the air

Be ready, if you have a dog, cat or kid, they’ll be right there with you! My dog Gus usually runs over with a toy as soon as I lie down. You may want to build in some play time to your practice, it will be good for you and good for your playmate.

As always, I’d love to hear from you! Do you have a go to practice that helps you feel your best? If you’re interested in more tips and support, please check out my signature coaching program, Reset, Refuel & Rebalance (http://www.megburtontudman.com/work-with-me/) .