Stuck in a Rut?

I was stuck in a nasty rut earlier this week, feeling really low vibe and in tears multiple times. Part of what was keeping me stuck was the comeback tour of old stories, that inner monologue of negativity. My story used to be that I wasn’t good enough, that people were judging me, that I’d never be happy and that nothing would work out how I desired. YIKES, no wonder I felt stuck! That loop created my unpleasant reality and the energy I put out attracted even more disappointment.  

This time around, I recognized the loop and while I still felt stuck for a bit, I knew those stories were not my truth. I’ve worked really hard to create a new narrative for myself, so I was better prepared now than in the past. I knew the negative spiral was happening and that my mindset and thought track were the biggest causes. Even in the depths of this rut, there was a part of me that very softly said I’m better than this, this isn’t me, in fact I’m awesome. My new, empowering beliefs were quietly fighting for center stage.  

Here’s what helped me catch a glimpse of light during my rut and then continue to move forward: Reach out for help
For at least 2 minutes, write things you’re grateful for in stream of consciousness (start with obvious things like “I’m grateful for my hands,” “I’m grateful for the sky,” “I’m grateful for heat,” “I’m grateful for clean water,” “I’m grateful for my shoes,” and so on; nothing is too insignificant or obvious; acknowledge it all)
Move your body (for me a couple of cardio workouts helped this time, sometimes a yoga practice works better though)
Make a list of what you know to be true especially as it relates to your rut (note: true is not perception, assumption or projection)
Eat and drink healthier: more fruits and veggies, less foods with added sugar, more water, less alcohol
Step outside yourself and do something kind for someone else
Get a good night’s sleep (or many nights)  

As always, I’d love to hear from you! How do you get unstuck and keep moving forward? If you’d like support with mindset, I’d welcome the opportunity to chat with you about Reset, Refuel & Rebalance, my signature coaching program.  

Xo, Meg