Say Yes!

I used to be quick to say “no” because my default mindset tended to be negative.  This outlook made life a drag, everything felt hard and it took a lot of energy to just get through a normal day.  Saying “no” caused me to feel stuck, whereas saying “yes” now opens doors to growth and adventure.     

Our mindset plays a huge role in how we see and experience our world.  Interestingly, “no” or “yes” can be equally empowering because they are clear and allow us to stand up for ourselves.  What I’ve noticed though in terms of health and wellness is that “no” is often connected with punishment, deprivation or judgment.  We see living a healthy, balanced life as somehow not as enjoyable because we say no to things we used to enjoy (even if they didn’t always make us feel good.) 

  • No, I can’t go out for pizza, I’m watching my weight
  • No, I can’t relax on the couch, I have to go to the gym
  • No, I can’t be on Facebook, I have to meditate. 

That type of “no” is dangerous because we’ve framed being healthy as a chore and it’s really difficult to sustain a habit that feels like a burden.  Frankly, who would want to maintain a lifestyle that dragged her down?!  The process to feel better in mind, body and soul may be difficult at first, however when our choices help us to feel amazing then we’re more likely to create new habits instead of reverting back to the old ones that kept us stagnant or unhealthy.           

Here are somethings to consider as you work to take care of yourself

  • Instead of saying no to another piece of cake, say yes to feeling energized and fueled by your food.
  • Instead of saying no to binge watching your new favorite show, say yes to moving your body to destress.
  • Instead of saying no to connecting with technology, say yes to clearing your mind and restoring balance with deep breathing.

The good news is your action is the same with all of those instances above, but a “yes” mindset is so much more pleasant than a “no.”  And you deserve actions and a mindset that lift you up and allow you to thrive. 

As always, I would love to hear from you!  What are you saying no or yes to these days and how is it serving you?  If you’d like support to change your mindset and to live in a way that supports your best and authentic self, please contact me to schedule a free Discovery Session.