Got Good Friends?

I had the best time last weekend celebrating the marriage of two dear friends and getting to know their families and friends. There was so much love and so much positive energy that my heart is still full days later! (I’m actually tearing up with emotion as I remember the weekend and write this.)

Riding this awesome wave got me thinking about who I spend time with and how I feel when we’re together. The group last weekend was proof that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known someone or even how different you are, when good people come together with open minds and open hearts, true magic occurs.

Our relationships have a direct impact on our health and we naturally adopt the habits and behaviors of the people around us. I invite you to empower yourself and make a conscious effort to spend time with people whose energy helps to lift you up. The ones who are kind and supportive, who like to laugh and who make the best of situations. The people who see your greatness, who help you feel like you are capable of anything (you are, by the way) and who celebrate your wins.

Part of this seems like common sense. Why would we choose to hang out with people whose energy drags us down? Let’s embrace that common sense and keep it that simple: spend more time with the people who help fill us with joy and less time with those who don’t.

Here are some conscious actions that are working well for me:

  • Be present when you’re with people: smile, make eye contact and listen
  • Seek out people who vibrate at your level (or your desired level) through groups, clubs, classes and special events
  • Live in the now and treat each moment as new, leave past judgments in the past and be open to new behaviors from yourself and others
  • Say no when people or situations are not what you need at that particular moment

As always, I’d love to hear from you. How are you filling your heart these days?