Let's Vibrate Higher

I am so excited about a new Reset Your Mindset toolkit I’m developing.  It will be ready next month, in the meantime, enjoy this sneak peak of one of the tools.
The connection between your mindset and priorities will determine how you experience each day.  Keep your energy or vibration high with inspiring and empowering books.  I love the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks.  Both books dramatically changed my inner monologue and how I looked at myself and my world.
Instead of spiraling in your friends’ highlight reels on social media, I invite you to take care of yourself by refocusing your attention on your mindset.  Spend 10 minutes less on social media each evening and read a book that helps you shift your thought patterns.  This is a simple swap, one activity for another.  When I first started this habit, I set a timer, so I wouldn’t look at the clock every minute.  Now I love my good vibes reading so much, I could do it all night!
As always, I’d love to hear from you.  What book helped you transform your mindset or allowed you to shift your perception of your reality? 
If you’d like help to reset your mindset, refuel your nutrition or rebalance your lifestyle, then I’d love to chat with you.  Click this link to schedule a free Discovery Session.