Meg Burton Tudman

Certified Health Coach, Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor

My own journey to authenticity and empowerment has equipped me with extensive knowledge and tools to ignite that flame in others and this is my primary goal in helping clients and students.  I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness because I'm confident that all areas of our lives are connected and only when all areas are in balance can we shine as our true selves, spark our own authenticity and feel confident in our self-image.

My Story

It took me a long time to spark and then live my authenticity. On paper I was a success, continuing to check off the milestones, advance professionally and look the part. Internally though, I was a hot mess.

I was living for other people and was more worried about what they wanted and what they thought, than about what I wanted and needed. So much so that after being fired from a job (that I initially believed to be my dream job) I stayed for an extra week and a half to wrap everything up because I was so driven and dedicated.

As a result of a lifetime of trying to be perfect and please others, my health and wellbeing suffered. I experienced headaches, fatigue, bloating, depression and sugar cravings (Airheads and Starburst Jellybeans to be exact.)  I didn't think I had the strength or right to do anything differently. 


In retrospect, getting fired was the best thing that happened to me because it led me down the path of finding my true calling. Since then I became a certified health coach and Reiki master and immersed myself in the healing power of mindset. I discovered that I had so much more power than I realized and my mindset determined how I felt – not other people’s opinions or external achievements. 

Over the years, I experimented and made both subtle and not so subtle changes to my way of eating, relationships, career, physical activity and spirituality. I never imagined I would feel this incredible. Even better, the feeling is sustainable. I realized how important it was to find my spark and to prioritize myself. I feel better now than I have at any time during my life and I am convinced it is because I am authentic and on the path I am meant to be on. It is no longer a battle to be well and I now naturally feel amazing on a regular basis! We all deserve to feel our best and I'm committed to helping you spark your authenticity, so you can experience your best.  

I personally experienced such a transformation that I’ve made it my life’s work. Now I help successful women who feel stressed and exhausted (yet still striving for more!) master their mindset for a complete inner and outer transformation that empowers them to live authentically and actually enjoy the life they’ve created for themselves.

Looking back, I was my own worst enemy and if I had these tools I would have understood that it can all be good and I had everything I needed within me and so do you.

My Approach

While I recommend foundational changes to diet and lifestyle, I find that my clients experience the most powerful transformations when we reset their mindsets.

Through coaching and Reiki, I strive to radically improve my clients’ inner and outer health and wellbeing with manageable changes. Together, we will explore their specific concerns and discover the tools they need for a lifetime of balance.

By working through the self-sabotaging behavior, feelings of unworthiness, negative self-talk and feeling like they should know it all – my clients discover they show up more authentically, they’re no longer just going through the motions, their relationships improve (with themselves and others) and they more effectively manage stress. Many of my clients also find that their health conditions and weight concerns naturally resolve themselves as a result of their new mindset. 

Ready to reset yours?


Meg's Bio

Meg Burton Tudman is a certified health coach, Reiki master and yoga instructor. She writes a monthly column, Confident in Your Own Skin, for Rochester Woman and has also been featured in Live + Rebel. Meg helps successful women who feel stressed and exhausted (yet are still striving for more!) master their mindset for a complete inner and outer transformation, that empowers them to live authentically and actually enjoy the life they've created for themselves. She offers 1:1 mindset and nutrition coaching programs, yoga classes and online workshops. 


  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Reiki Master, Usui Reiki Method of Natural Healing, Levels I, II and III
  • Associative Awareness Technique, Level I
  • RYT-200, Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance